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I wanted to add an Aromanian dictionary on Wikipedia, when I found Wiktionary and this page.
Then I wanted to restructure this page, but - surprise - "this page has been locked to prevent editing".
Please re-enable editing.
There are not many Aromanians, but I'll do my best (I'm Aromanian by the way). (this message was written at 00:04 on 2 Xumedru 2008 by Doruuu who forgot to sign it.)


The official localisable Wiktionary logo

Hello! It was noted that Wiktionary in this language has not yet adopted a localised/translated logo: it's really a pity for a dictionary project!
We are trying to help Wiktionaries adopt a locally-adapted logo, by taking the technical difficulties on us. What we need from you is just the preferred translation of the name and motto, "Wiktionary" (if translated) and "The free dictionary": you can add them to the logo list, by editing it directly or commenting on the talk page; you can also add a note if you don't want the localised logo.
Of course, you can also create the logo and make the necessary requests on bugzilla yourself, if you prefer so.
Feel free to translate this message and to move/copy/forward it where appropriate; you can also reply on my talk. Thanks, Nemo 16:00, 3 Brumar 2012 (UTC)